This mountain is also spelled “Jomolhari”, is the second highest peak in Bhutan lying on the border between western border of Tibet and the Bhutan. According to Buddhist religion, Chomolhari is the abode of the one of the Five Tsheringma Sisters. A Jomolhari Temple lie toward the south side of mountain in Bhutan is about a half day journey from the Mountain. Religious people and pilgrims visiting Mt. Jomolhari stay at this temple. There are many sacred sites near Mt. Chomolhari including Jomolhari temple, mediatation caves of Milarepa and Gyalwa Lorepa. One of the most popular treks in Bhutan is Chomolhari base Camp trek. Thousands of trekkers visit this region and capture the spectacular views of Chomolhari and culture heritage around it.


Chomolhari Trek

Chomolhari Trek

13 Days

(Difficulty Level)

This trek gifts you with great variety of Bhutanese landscapes and is without doubt one of the most beautiful and unspoiled trekking areas in the enti

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