Alpine Climb


Nepal is recognized worldwide as a country of Himalayas with 1310 peaks above 6000 meters. Among these peaks one quarter are officially opened for Mountaineering activities. By Himalayan standards smaller mountains below 6500 meters height are known as trekking peaks in which every trekkers can climb with professional climbing guides. Most of the trekking peaks of Nepal are listed in Nepal Mountaineering association and more than 20 peaks below 6500 meters are opened for alpine climbing. Peak Climbing add more adventure for trekkers than simple trekking, however it includes basic mountaineering. Trekkers can experience the mountaineering through these peak climbs without going to 8000 meter snow peaks with low risk. Alpine Climb in Nepal offers the best adventure trekking and expedition experience for both experienced trekkers and beginners.

Trekkers need to take a permit from Nepal mountaineering association as well as professional climbing guides with mountaineering expertise before climb. We provide all necessary information and professional mountain guides and Sherpas for your alpine climb in Nepal.



Everest Region

4 package(s) inside

Annapurna Region

2 package(s) inside

Langtang Region

1 package(s) inside