Medical and Outreach Tour


Nepal is one of the least developed countries in the world, with a per capita income which is less than $390 dollars (Source: Worldbank). Most parts, which are not located in the Central development zone, are under developed and lack proper health or education facilities. This problem exists mostly due to the rough geographical terrains and lack of road access. Most people in rural parts are forced to cope with bare minimalistic healthcare facilities, with health posts, which are under staffed and ill-equipped. The most alarming issue is people who remain untreated for even minor diseases, which can be easily cured. People have to walk for days by foot, or carry patients in baskets, just to get to a local medical provider.

Given, the extremely difficult situation and the poor contribution of the government, we are trying to conduct medical and outreach tour , along with various foreign medical missions, have been trying to address these issues in our own possible ways, and the best solution to tackle such problems is by organizing Rural/Semi-Rural, Eye and Medical camps. To bring medical supplies and facilities to these unreachable locations, and help the local community. During this tour rural areas people are benefitted from the medical camp whereas donator or volunteer gain the opportunity to visit rural area of Nepal.