Rolwaling Region


Rolwaling is the east west valley below Gauri Shankar (7,145mt), just south of the Tibetan border. This is an isolated and culturally diverse area, but most treks conclude their visit the Rolwalling by crossing the Tesi – Lapcha La (5,755mt) into Khumbu. If you must dangerous pass it is better to across it from Khumbu into Rolwalling rather then Rolwalling visit first. There are two reason for this; Willing, well equipped porter are easier to find in Khumbu then in Rolwalling; and incase of altitude sickness there are better medical facilities, if you make your retreat on the Khumbu side rather then back to isolated villages of Beding or Na in Rolwalling a better way to visit would be to forgo Tehi Lapcha La and go only as far as Na, then retrace the route back to Kathmandu.

Tesi Lapcha La is particularly dangerous because of what Mountaineers called 'objective dangers' there are Natural hazards that are difficult to avoid by skill and expertise. On Tesi Lapcha La there is danger from avalanches and also a severe threat cause by frequent rock falls on the western side. Rocks varying  in size form pebbles to boulders crash onto the trail without notice at all times of day. The route through the icefall is also becoming technically more and more difficult due to the movements of the glacier. The Rolwaling porters operate a Mafia – like system and will not allow outside porters to approach the pass from Rolwaling, forcing parties to accept people from Beding and Na as porters. The local porters either get frightened of the falling rocks and return without notice or demand exorbitant pay once the party is halfway up the pass. There are no facilities at all between Na and Thami. Tesi Lapcha is a true mountaineering project.